Old Boots & Poppy

The Fire That Never Wanes...

By Old Boots - For Poppy, 23rd Anniversary 2021

To my forever love on this, our twenty third wedding Anniversary

The Prequel...

Every time, 

Just when it seemed the fire was waning...


We always put our best feet forward and built something so much greater than we had ever previously experienced.


You light my fire...

The Body; A Poem...

There is magic in your smile,

And there is healing in your heart.

There are years that seem so long,

And years so short from their very start.

But, I have been so blessed, indeed,

By a life explained by its art.

And now, I reflect on the artist,

The one from here with, once again, I embark..

Happy Anniversary to my sweetheart, Poppy.

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Page Header:  Feet-In around the camps' fire, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

    -Represents:  Bringing our best feet forward around those all too common waning fire periods.