Old Boots & Poppy

Perfect Dancer

(Ode to Poppy) by Old Boots, Feb, 2005

Dancing is a funny thing when talking about life.

There is always a good story, sometimes graceful, sometimes nice.

But sometimes it changes tempo, and the beat is hard to hear.

Suddenly, without warning, you’re apprehensive and filled with fear.

You try reaching for the stars, as if you might touch what you are not.

Then, maybe you take a higher step when being judged an awful lot.

You soon find you are spinning fast, and dipping to the reel.

And all at once you realize, you’ve been living life with zeal.

You drop your shoulders, lift your head, and give your hair a flick.

And suddenly you’re dancing in the lights, and life seems mighty slick.

It’s easy to forget the steps, you've learned along the way.

Especially as time has passed on by, and the sky seems awfully gray.

But then the moon comes rising, and your heart fills with the fire.

You again begin to step about, and touch those you inspire.

For you are the perfect dancer. You’re the sun that never sets.

You’re the one that brings the music to life, and understands how good it gets.

You always share the spotlight, with all the people that you love,

For life with you is a perfect dance, and always one step above.

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