Old Boots & Poppy

And We Became One

A Verse for Christopher and Jennifer by Old Boots

The Nature of Things…

Wild rose and rose hips abound.

Dragonflies sweep weightlessly over the ground.

The sun is bright, touching the trees.

Birch leaves flutter in a soft noon breeze.

My faithful old dog lies close by my feet; watching.

Ever ready to rise; Watching,

Should I move from my seat.

And Moments in Time…

My mind lifts up like the dragon fly,

Back to a time distant, or time drawn nigh.

Or to a tomorrow, that has yet to come,

A happy time of course, and rarely glum.

Adventure and unconditional love: sublime,

Broad moments, or narrow moments in fleeting time.

Moments of life complete, and a life of joy,

These are the times when I am with my boys.

And Miracles…

So, I remember the boy, once far from the crowds,

Far from where he pitched his tent,

Yet still beneath my clouds.

He’s an individual with drive. Predictable as math;

With personal success to mark his steady path.

A boy of dreams. A man, held in esteem.

A son who doles respect, and is always more than he seems.

And Mentors…

He is an amazing child, as are all my special boys,

Building upon adventures, to find life’s endless joys.

And God gave them all, most endearing teacher/guides,

Mentors as they call them now, with all that they provide.

A loving mother, stepfather, stepmother and dad.

The best grandfather and grandmother the world has ever had.

Amazing uncles, and aunts, and coaches, and teachers...

Good friends of course, soon fill up the bleachers.

Most are with them now, that is, all are here combined,

Proof they are not fleeting, but of that enduring lifelong kind.

And the Revealer…

Among these distinguished souls we find,

One now stands out, so exceptional and kind.

A traveler, explorer, adventurer, and more,

Inspiring respect, and wonderful to the core.

The critical individual whom reveals for us a key,

A piece from Gods miraculous puzzle for all of us to see.

The keystone that bolsters an awaited beginning,

Another miracle begins, loves gracious imprinting.

And So…

Have you ever met a person you love so much forthwith?

That will imbue your sons' whole life, with spirit and with bliss.

A woman, a partner, a team leader and team player,

An explorer of what is possible, an answer to a prayer.

A trekker in the wilderness, where she finds everywhere a home.

A perfect match for our young man, together on their private throne.

Well, I have! And you have.

Now, that person; indeed, their love for one another,

has brought together, and soon will join, these families forever.

...And we become one.

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