Old Boots & Poppy

Ode To A New Kind Of Beginning

by  Old Boots, 1st Writing Approximately 1990,
      Published Nov, 2023

Ode to a New Kind of Beginning...

A poem of reflection and gratitude…

By Old Boots

I lay there cold in that dark abyss,

My face down to the ground.

I could barely breath in all my pain,

But I cursed what pushed me down.

 I would get revenge, I would cry once more,

But such things have put me here.

I would rather die than cry for help,

To overcome my fear.

 A voice cried out from up above,

So, I turned my head to see.

Above me stood a thousand forms,

And asked to set me free.

I would have laughed, if it did not hurt,

My pain was much to bear.

So, I said ‘OK’, I would take their hand,

If only they’d be fair.

We came to help’, the big one said,

‘And we’re certain not to judge’.

‘For we leave such things to God’s good will’,

‘It’s HIS road we shall drudge’.

He picked me up with tender care,

And dusted off the soil,

And pointed toward an upward path,

That each of them did toil.

The path: It looked so easy,

But from time to time I’d fall.

They’d pick me up, and shine their light,

That I might see it all.

I came to believe and trusted them,

And soon I felt the sun.

I felt new life come into me,

My trek had made me one.

I have found a path to greater things,

And I have found a way to live.

And just how bright my day will be,

Is what I find to give.

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