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Welcome to Old Boots and Poppy's NEW web site. We're glad you wanted to visit our site today! Hopefully, we've caught all of the bad grammar, obsolete information, and links that link to nowhere. As a matter of fact, we are still debugging it. But, if you find a problem, we invite you to let us know through our email. Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope you find something you like within these pages...

CoViD-19 Information for Alaska: Find updates at the State of Alaska COVID-19 Information Website. www.coronavirus.alaska.gov.
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A Very Special Welcome to the Walt Whitman 69'ers Visiting Our Site ... Enjoy and Please Visit Often!

Mt. Edgecumbe, Sitka, Ak

Welcome Folks!
We're Old Boots and Poppy!

...And this is our NEW site!

Poppy and I (Old Boots) started this site to express ourselves through the things that we like to do and see. We're not actually selling anything at this point, unless you just must have it, and then we can talk. It starts out with some things that we want to share with family and friends. And then, we want to create a platform by which to share our creativity, and perhaps, get you to share your creativity with all of us. Who knows, maybe we’ll make a friend or two.

Because we have many interests like camping, pets, friends, hiking, invention, knick-knacks, rock climbing, spelunking, cross country and downhill skiing, painting, site seeing, and travel, we have a lot to draw upon. In time, we hope we will be able to reflect our adventures, thoughts, histories and dreams on these pages through as many mediums as we are able to explore. One of our larger interests is the state of Alaska, its communities, activities, parks and campgrounds, art, culture, and its history. That's why you will find quite a few Alaska reveals on our web site.

In a nutshell, this site exposes our heart and soul and celebrates the beautiful, the intoxicating, and what maybe should have been thrown away. We collect stuff, be it art, blogs, feedback, graphics, ideas, literature, thoughts, or nonsense.

We also would like to tell you about our Alaska community webcams and our senior’s page. Check them out. This year we hope to start an area holiday events calendar of our own and a Christmas light 'must-drive-by-to-see' page, or we may just expand our 'What About Alaska...' page. Sound interesting? We hope so. Keep coming back and check us out.

A fun part of it all would be to introduce new stuff from you and show off the talents of others. So please give us a try and we'll see if you might see your work on the world stage.

Check it out. It’s all good...just find a link that interests you, and pursue...

About This Website Logo and Site Name...Old Boots & Poppy:

The 'logo' in the upper right corner of this page is a favorite cell phone shot from the porch of the Backcountry Information Center in Denali National Park and Preserve in 2009, showing a green solution for hanging plant containment... Somehow it seemed so inspired and appropriate to me!

That is to say, I am akin to those old boots: I do aspire to reinvention; I like to think I am full of life; and I sometimes feel a bit recycled...

And THEN, there is my amazing wife: The beautiful and intoxicating "Poppy"... Always beautiful, always growing, always my love, and my most favorite flower.

Hence, our site name...

Christmas In Ice, North Pole

Winter visitors must explore our area Ice Carving Events in and around Fairbanks and North Pole (If your here in the summer, don't bother looking for one).

That's our little angel pup, Ziggy, contemplating any number of things alongside the Tanana River, just east of the town of Nenana, Alaska. She does this a lot...

Need to get in touch?

Say... maybe you could participate too.

Contact Us if you have a comment or have something you'd like to contribute. We'd like to hear from you.

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